Logo Dewar's

John Dewar and Son's limited started in a shop at 111 High Street Perth in 1896. At the time, Single Malt whisky was harsh and inelegant, so John Dewar blended together different malts and grain whiskes, ageing them longer to create a house style of fruity flavours and smooth character. Today DEWARS BLENDED SCOTCH is an innovative, exciting whisky that regularly wins top awards. The focus is still sweet fruit flavours, complexity and smoothness.

We love it because: It is complex but super smooth!

Logo Aberfeldy

ABERFELDY is the Single Malt distillery built by the Dewar boys and where our team is based. Given the Dewar's house style, everything here is focused on crafting a sweet, fruity whisky that was the heart of the Dewar's blends. It just so happens that this makes an excellent Single Malt in its own right. We often complement our soft citrus and honey flavours with interesting finishes like red wine or Madeira - look out for limited editions alongside our core range.

We love it because: Sweet citrus is so easy to pick up and enjoy!

Logo Craigellachie

CRAIGELLACHIE is a distillery with strong pedigree and stronger natural character. In the 1890s, Alfred Barnard described it as the distinctive pineapple character that develops with age. Careful selection of production techniques such as worm tubs, short stills and a heavy malting style give a muscular meaty character that complements the natural tropical flavours beautifully.

We love it because: It is tropical, meaty and unusual!

Logo Royal Brackla

ROYAL BRACKLA was founded by Captain William Fraser on his farm at Cawdor. With so many illicit distilleries nearby, he couldn't sell his whisky locally, so he shipped it to London where King William IV bestowed it with the first Royal Warrant in 1833. Like Aberfeldy, the distillery makes a fruity style of whisky, but we finish Royal Brackla in sherry casks for more regal, indulgent flavours.

We love it because: It is rich and opulent!

Logo Aultmore

AULTMORE Distillery lies in the heart of Speyside and is revered as one if the best whiskies for blending. It used to be that locals could only get the Single Malt by asking for 'a nip of the Buckie Road'. Today we are proud to offer this fresh, grassy Single Malt with some exciting flavours from long maturation.

We love it because: It is light, refreshing but can evolve in the cask!

Logo The Deveron

THE DEVERON is distilled at Macduff distillery on Scotland's North East coast. The passionate team craft a well-rounded malt on the River Deveron Estuary that combines toffee apple flavours with a hint of coastal saltiness. You will also find expressions labelled as Glen Deveron, made by the same experienced team.

We love it because: Of the perfect sweet and savoury balance

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