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Product image 1Branded 'Glencairn' tasting glass
Product image 2Branded 'Glencairn' tasting glass
Product image 3Branded 'Glencairn' tasting glass

Branded 'Glencairn' tasting glass

Struggling to pick up all the exquisite notes of vanilla and fudge in your bottle of Dewar's, or citrus and honey in your bottle of Aberfeldy? Look no further.

This whisky tasting glass has been designed by Glencairn crystal specifically to appreciate Scotch whisky. It will allow you to marvel at the beautiful golden hues before swirling, nosing and tasting. A great gift that will unlock all the majesty of your blended or single malt. 

Comes in a Dewar's Aberfeldy Distillery branded box, with '5 steps of whisky tasting' instructions. Box is the same for all product variations. 

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