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Bermondsey Street Bees Custom House Raw Honey 150g

Honey is the perfect cocktail accompaniment to Aberfeldy single malt, accentuating the natural honey notes in our whisky. But if you are adding honey, make sure that you add the finest quality!


A complex London honey with citrus and herbaceous layers reflecting widely varied forage sources.

Off the beaten track, some lesser-known corners of East London present exceptionally productive spaces for bees to thrive. The Custom House hives collect pollen and nectar from re-wilded former industrial land as well as private and public gardens, long-established tree and bush lines and the margins of Hackney Marshes. Marsh plants such as Water Mint are especially loved by the bees and lend bright herbaceous notes to this rich honey.

About Bermondsey Street Bees

Bermondsey Street Bees is a sustainable beekeeping practice founded in 2007 by Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis. They offer a variety of award-winning artisanal raw honeys, each with immense depth of character with fabulous stories told through their flavours, just like a fine wines or olive oils. Their raw honey is a perfect whole food, containing many natural nutrients and is produced using only artisanal production methods, hand extraction and cold filtering, to preserve the flavours and nutrient value of the final product. Every honey varietal has its own unique terroir, and a distinct individuality and seasonality to be explored and celebrated.

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